Constructive feedback

Cause this is our home and we all care to make it better

Our community is tight, like family and more appropriately it is our home.

It is where we invest a portion of our time each day.

Everyone is willing to do their part and whatever they can to help.

Because it is Authentic.

I want to do my part as well. I want to make the time we spend together most productive and beneficial as possible.

Two suggestions reach me today that I want to share with you.

Guests and contributors

I have seen the option of having a guest during the livestream ... and have noticed long blanks while you need to focus on something...or talk to your family.. a blank that a guest can fill. Also it’s a great idea to debate... and we do have great people with great experience in the group that may help being your guest ..

That is my humble proposition... hope it will enrich our community..


I think it is a fantastic idea.

To be honest the reach of the channel is small. I think the best place to start would be from within our community already.

- The guest  can Join the broadcaster after he goes through all the pairs and setups; preferably 30 minutes after the stream starts.

- Guest can stay till the end of the stream or at least 20 minutes .

Speaking of 30 minutes after the stream starts..

Beginning of Each Stream

It would be super beneficial if you kept your morning overview to 18 minutes and focused the time intently on the various pairs with what your are seeing and your knowledge. I came across your feed and checked your weekly and your recordings, and your Telegram as well, I find you do have quite focused readings

I think starting each stream off and getting down and dirty from the beginning getting into the charts and quickly blowing through is the way to go.

This way people looking to keep in the flow of the market from simply a TA perspective of a quick overview of the charts will know what is coming and when. Afterwards we all can get into the important aspects of the markets and what is developing.

These are two changes that I believe can add value to our community and sessions. It was also brought to my attention that the chat window was not showing in the replay today. Who knows with YouTube but maybe introducing new software will be helpful for our overall experience as well.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on these two particular points please do respond and let me know your thoughts.

Stay safe. Think ahead.


3 Things You Should Know

Today I am sending your way a few important links that were of interest to me and I wanted to share with you.

Danielle DiMartino Booth on The Fed Can't Let Bond Yields Fall to Zero — Ultra-low rates on benchmark government debt would have negative consequences for the global financial system.

Nice Twitter thread update on the Milkshake theory.

The Largest Financial Event Of Our Lifetime Is Upon Us - Raoul Pal of Real Vision

In this interview the following points are discussed.

  • Who Gets Hit Hardest

  • Black Swan

  • Reality Check

  • Contagion Quarantine

  • Trade Of A Lifetime

  • Pension Fund Bubble

  • Oil War

  • Globalism

  • QE MMT & Bail Outs

  • Retirement Crisis

  • Gold, Bitcoin


Keep An Eye on EUR/CAD

CAD should continue to be under pressure with Canada's domestic issues and perhaps even more importantly Saudi Arabia's declaration of war on oil which should continue to keep crude prices low as the battle between Saudi Arabia and Russia has only just begun.

ECB is set to act on Thursday and could cause a spike downwards on EUR/CAD. If we do spike into that supply zone shown on the chart - should be a beautiful buying opportunity.

Which option will the ECB take. Details for Thursday here.

  • Option #1: Business as usual

  • Option #2: Measured response

  • Option #3: Big bazooka

The other thing I noted earlier on Twitter was that the market might be pricing in more action than the Fed is going to deliver next week. Sharp reaction in DXY incoming if so. Since that tweet the dollar has been rallying as yields in the USA are rising.


Quickest Way To Improve Your Results

Successful trading takes enormous effort and determination. You have to always be looking to improve yourself in every area. You have to always be working hard.

You have to work hard in every area of your life to perform your best including getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising. Focus on those three areas and watch every other area of your life being to improve.

You cannot compete at peak performance unless you have the awareness that you need to be there and are striving to be there.

Where can you improve?

How is your focus, your work ethic?

Do you time spend enough time analyzing the markets each day before taking trades?

Do you show patience in waiting for your trade setup to develop and wait for your entries to come to you?

The quickest way to improve your trading is to focus on where there is the largest room for improvement or in other words where you biggest mistakes come from.

For most people the greatest areas for improvement come from one of three things: a lack of patience, trading too often and/or trading too big size.

Right now the ranges in the market are expanding. Your trade sizes should be contracting.

If you find yourself making emotional trading decision odds are you are too big.

Focus your effort any of those that sound familiar to you. Make the decision in your head to correct those behaviors so you can move onto fine tuning more improvement aspects of your trading.

Then you are going to see huge results.

This is worth your time!

This video is probably the best interview Real Visions founder Raul Pau has ever given (in his own words) and entirely worth your time. I know I really enjoyed it and think you will too.

Markets remain erratic. Be careful and exercise patience. Setups come in waves. Right now the sets coming are not very clear. There is still plenty of opportunity out there especially with the expanded ranges we are seeing. Be choosey and pick your setups carefully.



Markets today are consolidating gains specifically on the JPY & CHF pairs which are signs of possible continued strength and further legs down to come. I am looking to focus on these pairs and will update you through Pro Signals if anything clear develops.

We are also seeing EUR & AUD retracing recent gains/losses.

Further Central Bank easing today with the Bank of Canada cutting rates also by 0.5 basis points following the Federal Reserver’s surprise cut yesterday.

As the NY session develops it appears risk on is once again entering the markets with JPY & CHF finally retracing a bit out of their consolidation.

Biden taking the lead as the Democratic nominee as helped the markets ease concerns of Bernie Sanders socialistic agenda.

Watch China

The most important factor to focus on right now is what happens in China. As life slowly return to some semblance of “normalcy” it is important to watch if a second wave of infections occur or not.

There are other factors to focus on.

Testing will begin in the USA. Expect cases to reach into the thousands over the next couple of weeks. This could also bring a quick return of risk off, assuming this current bit of risk on lasts more than a session or two.

New Video

Also a good video from Mike Maloney you might be interested in viewing.

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