Pro Signal Alerts & Getting Started

“My biggest hits have always come after I have had a great period and I started to think that I knew something.” - Paul Tudor Jones

Lesson #1

Money made in the markets is money earned and not money to take larger risk with.

During my career I’d noticed that some of my largest losses came directly after my largest wins. If you have ever noticed yourself willing to take on bigger risk or trade more freely after a big gain you need to correct your mindset.

On Monday I took profits on a larger than normal trade on the aud/jpy and laid back the rest of the week as a result. I am always conscious after taking a big win out of the markets to make sure I practice discipline and control.

This is why you did not see any updates on TradingView or sent through Telegram. I did not take any other trades than a sell on the cad/jpy taking during the YouTube livestream which I took profits on this morning ahead of the Canadian data releases.

Expect us to be active next week. Volatility is coming back into the markets.

The Forex Trading Academy (TFTA)

Those of you who are just getting started with TFTA let’s get you going.

Pro Signal Alerts

  • Starting this coming week TFTA members will receive special Pro Signal updates by email through here including the following:

    • Pair traded & setup

    • Taking the trade

      • Long/Short

      • Entry level

      • Risk/reward and percentage risked

    • Comments about the circumstances in the market when the trade was taken

    • Managing the trade and closing the trade

      • Moving stop loss to lock in profit

      • Taking profits

      • Closing the trade

Chat Room

We will be setting up a community chat. Take a moment to cast your vote now on which is your preferred platform between Telegram or Discord.

More to come on this next week as we launch.

Trade Copying

Part of your TFTA membership includes access to the Copy Trade service.

If you are not yet connected to the copier let’s get you setup. Send me an email to and I will help you connected a live or demo account.

Conquering The Markets Training Course

There was a new lesson module added this week “The Ideal Amount of FX Pairs to Trade” be sure to check out if you haven’t already.

New course content will be added regularly. Look out for new modules covering:

  • How to Recognize Weakness vs Strength in Currencies

  • When to Take Profit & When to Give the Trade Space

  • How to be Picky When Trades Meet Criteria and Choose Higher Quality Trades

Have a great weekend everyone!