Quickest Way To Improve Your Results

Successful trading takes enormous effort and determination. You have to always be looking to improve yourself in every area. You have to always be working hard.

You have to work hard in every area of your life to perform your best including getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising. Focus on those three areas and watch every other area of your life being to improve.

You cannot compete at peak performance unless you have the awareness that you need to be there and are striving to be there.

Where can you improve?

How is your focus, your work ethic?

Do you time spend enough time analyzing the markets each day before taking trades?

Do you show patience in waiting for your trade setup to develop and wait for your entries to come to you?

The quickest way to improve your trading is to focus on where there is the largest room for improvement or in other words where you biggest mistakes come from.

For most people the greatest areas for improvement come from one of three things: a lack of patience, trading too often and/or trading too big size.

Right now the ranges in the market are expanding. Your trade sizes should be contracting.

If you find yourself making emotional trading decision odds are you are too big.

Focus your effort any of those that sound familiar to you. Make the decision in your head to correct those behaviors so you can move onto fine tuning more improvement aspects of your trading.

Then you are going to see huge results.

This is worth your time!

This video is probably the best interview Real Visions founder Raul Pau has ever given (in his own words) and entirely worth your time. I know I really enjoyed it and think you will too.

Markets remain erratic. Be careful and exercise patience. Setups come in waves. Right now the sets coming are not very clear. There is still plenty of opportunity out there especially with the expanded ranges we are seeing. Be choosey and pick your setups carefully.